Jaw Pain Therapy
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TMJ or Jaw Pain Therapy

Your TMJ Jaw Pain Specialist in Temple, Texas

Here at Legacy Dental Temple, we truly empathize with the struggles Jaw Pain presents to our patients, we do everything in our ability to ease TMJ pain and bring healing back as soon as possible and focus on a conservative, non-surgical approach to treatment. We believe in developing a team approach in treating patients by coordinating treatment with all specialties of medicine, chiropractic and dentistry. Dr. Megens has a focus in his practice to the treatment of facial jaw pain and TMJ treatment for Temple, TX and the surrounding Central Texas community. If you find pain is unbearable, we do accept emergency appointments. Dr. Megens also accepts jaw and facial pain referrals from other dentists and health care professionals.

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What is TMJ?

If you are experiencing jaw pain, a clicking sound when you open your mouth or have headaches, you may be suffering from a TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder. Although the condition can be very painful and frustrating to those that suffer with it, there are a variety of TMJ treatment choices that can help reduce or eliminate symptoms, such as splints, physical therapy, and mild medications. It is important to discuss with you dentist right away if you suffer from jaw pain, because the longer you wait, the greater the chances that you could incur damage to your jaw muscles, your teeth and even to the joint itself.

What are TMJ Symptoms?

True to its name, jaw pain can be very painful and frustrating to those that suffer with the disorder. Fortunately, there is treatment! There are many TMJ symptoms which can vary by person and severity. The most common symptoms for this jaw pain disorder are:
Difficulty/pain opening mouth
Jaw gets locked/stuck
Difficulty/pain chewing or talking
Noises in the jaw joints
Pain in ears, temples or cheeks
Bite feels uncomfortable or different
Headaches and neck/shoulder pain
Sensitive teeth
Dizziness or ringing in the ears

How is TMJ Treated?

As with the case of any dental or medical conditions, proper diagnosis is the first step towards treatment. Along with a health history, Dr. Megens will perform a thorough examination, take the appropriate x-rays and diagnostics to help confirm an accurate diagnosis. Based on the condition of the TMJ, Dr. Megens may recommend one or a combination of the following treatments:
Splint therapy
Therapeutic exercises
Physical therapy
Spray and Stretch
Trigger point injections
Reconstruction or replace dental restorations
Chiropractic referral options
Surgical referral options

Frustrated with Facial or Jaw Pain?

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