Cosmetic Dentistry
"Before Legacy Dental, I spent my lifetime never smiling or laughing out loud no matter how excited or happy I was. Now, my plans are to keep smiling, laughing, and not be embarrassed. Dr. Megens, I can never thank you enough for everything!" - Loretta Clemon, Nolanville, TX

Cosmetic Dentistry

Your Cosmetic Dentist in Temple, Texas

Your smile should be one of your greatest assets. At Legacy Dental Temple, we want to partner with you to create a smile you can’t help but show off or a smile you won’t want to hide. Conveniently located in Central Texas, it is the right time to request a Cosmetic Dentistry appointment and empower your confidence with a stunning smile. Dr. Megens also accepts cosmetic referrals from other dentists and health care professionals.

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Smile Design & Rejuvenation
Teeth can wear and change over time, some people were born with unsightly imperfections and some people are embarrassed by the look or color of their teeth. These and other issues can affect a person’s confidence and appearance. The Legacy Dental Team is pleased to assist you in transforming your smile and building your confidence through cosmetic dentistry.
Why Cosmetic Dentistry?
Some people would say that a person’s smile is the first thing they notice when meeting for the first time. A bright and beautiful smile can speak volumes for your confidence! Cosmetic Dentistry can not only create healthy self-esteem, but it can also create a healthy mouth by restoring broken and missing teeth and by protecting teeth from future damage. The wide range of reasons our patients consider cosmetic work inspires our team to stay up to date on all the latest technologies and treatments to transform your smile.
Teeth Whitening Treatments
Teeth can change color for many different reasons such as age, foods and drinks, taking medications as a young child or genetics. Legacy Dental Temple performs Teeth Whitening treatments to give you the smile you have always dreamed about!
Is Teeth Whitening Safe?
Teeth Whitening is best done under a cosmetic dentist’s care. Over the counter whitening strips are typically effective but take longer and tend to be an inconvenience. Not only will you avoid those annoying hassles when whitening through Legacy Dental Temple, but our treatments tend to give faster and brighter results than over the counter whiteners.
Cosmetic Bonding & Colored Fillings
Cosmetic Bonding and tooth colored fillings can be a great option for cosmetic work and can be done in a few appointments. We typically use bonding and fillings while correcting miss-shaped, cracked, broken or discolored teeth.
What are the Care Instructions?
The maintenance of bonded teeth is similar to how you would care for your natural teeth. Good oral care is important. We recommend the usual brushing at least twice a day as well as regular flossing. Bonding today can mimic the strength of natural teeth so they need to be treated with the same care. Chewing on hard objects like fingernails and pen caps should be avoided.
Veneers are another good way to restore your smile. They will have more lifelike and longer lasting results compared to cosmetic bonding, but achieve the same purpose of correcting miss-shaped, discolored, or broken teeth. An artist in a lab will fabricate the veneers to be a perfect match for your smile.
Are Veneers Permanent?
Yes, veneers stay on the teeth and are permanently bonded in place. Not only are veneers durable and beautiful, but they can also help strengthen the teeth.
All-On-4 is a permanent way to restore, rejuvenate, or transform a smile when a person is missing many teeth. This process involves implants and fixed bridges. It involves a team approach with a specialist, such as an Oral Surgeon or Periodontist, working with the dentist. The advantage to the All-On-4 is that, unlike other denture treatments, a patient can leave the same day of surgery with a permanent, fully reconstructed smile.
Is This Procedure Painful?
While most surgeries involve some discomfort, our patients report the All-On-4 to be more comfortable and experience a faster recovery time compared to other surgeries. This procedure typically can avoid additional surgeries, no loose temporary dentures to wear, and fewer implants than other treatment choices. Most patients can return to normal activities after a few days to a week.

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